13,000 mAh High Speed & Powerful Dual Charging PowerBank

Short Circuit Protection
Overheating Protection
Explosion Protection
QC3.0 Fast Charging
3A Input & Output
3A Fast Charging Cable

Android & iOS Support / Apple Full Speed Charge IC

AMG Technology 만능인 보조배터리
보조배터리 (補助電池)

Premium PowerBank
프리미엄 에어메탈
13,000 mAh 대용량 배터리

Portable device charger provides on-the-go power for your digital devices. Simply plus your device into the USB input to begin charging. To recharge the power bank battery, connect the mini-USB cord included to a reliable power source.

휴대용기기의 충전기는 디지털 장치에 전력을 이동 중에도 제공합니다。단순히 더한 USB 입력에 장치가 충전을시작합니다。파워뱅크 배터리를 충전 하기 위해 미니 USB 코드가 신뢰할수있는 전원에 연결포함。

모델명 (Model) :AMG 13000 mAh Power Bank
공칭전압 (normal voltage) : 3.6V 5V 9V 12V
입력 (input): Port 1 : 퀄컴 QC3.0고속충전 기능 지원 Port 2: 2.8A Output
출력 (output) QC 3.0 input & Output
배터리 (Battery) : JAPAN TDK Li-Polymer ATL Battery
크기 / 무게 (Size/Weight) : 145mm L X 69mm W X 17mm D
구성물 (box include) : PowerBank, Cable

Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer
Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines
Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble
Do not heat up above 60°C (140°F)
Do not dispose of in fire or directly short circuit
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